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    Töjbox is a simplistic and functional wardrobe made from oak wood. Its a perfect match for the entrance, bedroom or walk-in closet. Use it to hang your shirts and jackets on the clothes rack and store your everyday belongings in box.  Colour: oak Measures:  200x38x112 cm -  LARGE 200x30x80 cm - SMALL

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    Töjbox is a simplistic and functional wardrobe made from oak wood. Its a perfect match for the entrance, bedroom or walk-in closet. Use it to hang your shirts and jackets on the clothes rack and store your everyday belongings in box.  Colour: black SEE MORE Measures: 200 X 112 X 38 cm Materials: Töjbox is made in black painted oak veneered plywood with...

    649,00 €
  • WHITE / BEIGE STRING DRESSER Get inspired with STRING IMAGES Design your shelf in the STRING CONFIGURATOR In our categorySHELVES add to the cart the products you need. Dimensions: 180 cm x 200 cm (30 cm deep)

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    Durable, elegant and convenient, the Shadow commode features three doors and two drawers. Dimensions: 115 x 60 x 200 cm Material: solid oak Color: natural oak

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    The subtle contours of the cabinet doors and the distinguished shape of the feet are what make the Wave collection so special. The doors and drawers do not have handles and have a soft closing mechanism. Dimensions: 110 x 46 x 183 cm Material: solid oak / crystal Color: natural oak

    2 399,00 €
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    Loop Stand is Leif Jørgensen's series of very special and ultra functional designer clothes racks, cupboard furniture and tables. Measurements: L45 X W39 X H150 Color: black Material: painted steel Maintenance instructions: must be cleaned with a firmly wrung cloth. Dry after cleaning.

    209,00 €
  • The Flow wardrobe in Nordic style is elegant and simple. The legs are made of oak and it is available in two colours: clay and white. There is also the option of a 2-door or 3-door wardrobe. The 2-door has a size of 96 x 58 x 196 cm and the 3-door has a size of 144 x 58 x 196 cm.

    686,00 €

armarios decoración infantil diseño nordico romantico clasico oliver furniture toctoc kidsarmarios decoración infantil diseño nordico oliver furniture toctoc kids


It's time to decide and buy one of the most important pieces of furniture in your child's bedroom: a kids wardrobe. Buying a children's wardrobe or closet is not an easy task. You must take into account lots of different aspects to make sure you make the right decision. Hopefully our tips below will be useful!

When our children start grow up, the decoration in the kids room changes and grows up too. Stuffed toys give way to more youthful kids decorations. The picture frames and other decoration items are also renewed. Bedding no longer has the more childlike patterns and they often ask for more neutral designs. And you may even change the wall colors and some of the furniture. 

But there is one piece of furniture that does not usually change throughout this whole process, in fact it is the piece that survives most of the natural growing-up and new-found maturity of children: the kids wardrobe. Hence its importance in getting right when making your purchase. Here are the 8 things to keep in mind when buying a children's wardrobe.

  1. Colour. When buying a kid´s wardrobe try not to not go for a colour which is too loud. Remember that the kids desk or shelves can easily be changed but the closet is usually the piece of furniture with a more neutral tone and therefore will more likely survive any renovation in the decoration over the years.
  2. Design. Opt for an elegant design, able to combine not only with the other furniture that make up the children's room, but also with possible new changes in the future when style and tastes change.
  3. Practical. A child's wardrobe like any other wardrobe should be super practical. So easy to open, with at least a few drawers inside where to order T-shirts or underwear, for example. You must be able to organize your clothes well inside.
  4. Space. Our children grow and therefore will start to accumulate clothing over the years. Do not sacrifice space in the closet so as to gain it elsewhere in the room because in the long run you will regret it!
  5. Order. The bulk of the clothes and storage should be on the lower levels (drawers, shelves etc), otherwise if they are higher up it can make it difficult for you or your kids to pick out clothes and / or put them away correctly.
  6. Customized kids wardrobe. Buying a modular or made-to-measure kid´s wardrobe is a very good choice if you know exactly what you want or if you have a specific space and want to maximize it.
  7. Trendy. Current home decoration trends can be applied in your child's rooms too. Scandinavian is a great go-to trend seeing as it's timeless, minimalistic and can therefore go well in any room of the house further down the line. 
  8. Finishings. A wardrobe with legs or all the way down to the floor? It is a minor detail, but its an important one. If you want to avoid extra housework, then go for a kids wardrobe without legs as you will avoid the accumulation of dust.

Most of the products in our online store are designed and created by top international designer kids brands so that you can chose from the very best! 

And if you find that you would love a bit of help making a choice or decoration advice for your space, feel free to get in touch with us! Our team of kids interior designers will help you create the perfect bedroom for your children.

At TOC TOC Kids we are passionately committed to bringing you:

  • The leading kids designer brands, especially Scandinavian kids furniture and decoration from the best and trendiest kids brands around the world, so that you have the very best products to create the perfect kids bedroom for your children.
  • The very best kids furniture for any style of room
  • Gift lists for new births or First Communions
  • An innovative 100% online service offering 3D kids interior design and/or decoration advice by expert interior designs for all budgets!

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